For Professionals

Training Opportunities

Post-Doctoral Fellowships

We accept up to two post-doctoral fellows per academic calendar year. Post-doctoral fellows conduct diagnostic assessments and provide individual, group, and family therapy. Rotations are available in the following evidence-based treatment modalities: CBT, DBT, PCIT/TCIT, PMT, ERP, and Evidence Based Trauma Treatment. Fellows will attend a week-long intensive training for their primary training track.

Upon application, candidates select a desired primary training experience and supplementary experiences. Selected candidates will receive an offer for a specific primary track and will develop a training plan with their supervisor.  For more information, please contact the practice.

Practicum Rotations

We offer up to two practicum placements per academic calendar year for 16 hours a week of training. Practicums are intended for advanced doctoral students in clinical or school psychology programs. Training opportunities are available in the following evidence-based treatment modalities: CBT, DBT, PCIT/TCIT, PMT, ERP, and Evidence Based Trauma Treatment. Trainees will attend a week-long intensive training in their training modality.  For more information, please contact the practice.

Professional Development and Training

In line with our goal of disseminating evidence-based treatments for the community, we offer several professional development opportunities:

Supervision for Professionals in Empirically Supported Treatments

Our trainings focus on principles of effective therapy. Just as importantly, they provide practice so that providers sharpen clinical skills, not just academic understanding. Training and supervision include videotape and live review of targeted sessions, and ongoing consultation to assist with clinical, organizational, and technology-related issues to help with treatment fidelity and sustainability in your practice setting.

Teacher & Milieu Staff Training

We offer custom training and consultative services for schools, mental health agencies, hospitals, correctional systems, and medical clinics to help meet the needs of children with complex learning and mental health challenges.  Consultation services are developed based on the relevant program’s specific goals and population.

PCIT Therapist Certification

Dr. Miller is a Certified Trainer for PCIT International. Among the few professionals in the Southwest holding this distinction, Dr. Miller’s training prepares candidates for certification through PCIT-International.  PCIT is an exceptionally effective treatment backed by over 30 years of research. PCIT is a short-term, specialized behavior management program designed for young children experiencing behavioral and/or emotional difficulties and their families. Therapist certification has been developed in response to therapists, agencies, and third-party payers who have long asked how providers can document they have met a set of standards for competent delivery of treatment. As the mental health field and managed health care companies move toward higher reimbursement rates for research-supported treatments, this is an opportunity to be better prepared for these changes.  Certification promotes the effective dissemination of PCIT nationally and internationally.